Jim Beam's 'JIM' Smart Decanter Pours Shots of Bourbon on Demand

 - Nov 29, 2017
References: store.jimbeam
'JIM' is the name of the all-new smart decanter from Jim Beam, which makes it possible for consumers of the legal drinking age to say "Hey Jim" to have a shot of bourbon instantly poured on command.

The smart voice-activated bourbon decanter features a built-in compartment for bourbon storage and the voice of none other than Jim Beam’s seventh generation master distiller Fred Noe, making the device a novel addition to one's home, especially for the purposes of holiday entertaining.

Unlike many smart devices for the home that are powered by artificial intelligence and are quite costly, the limited-edition JIM retails for just under $35. Jim Beam notes that "3G capabilities will expire after roughly six months and 'JIM' will turn back into a regular decanter."