The Singing Road on Route 66 Deters Speeding and is an Attraction

 - Mar 29, 2016
References: neatorama
The singing road, a pleasant stretch on Route 66 in the United States, is one unique way to encourage safe driving. As it names suggest -- although seemingly impossibly, as though straight out of a Harry Potter book -- the road sings to those travelling on it. But only to those who drive the speed limit.

In addition to safety, the singing road is meant to be a roadside attraction. It was created by the National Geographic Channel and the New Mexico Department of Transportation. ABC News reports,"The Singing Road was constructed by Sand Bar Construction on old Route 66, just west of Tijeras and east of Albuquerque. A mathematician from Tigress Productions created the attraction for the National Geographic Channel series." It's a unique addition that focuses on creative problem solving.