The 'Shining the Light on Skin Cancer' Chart is Important for Summer Health

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: infographicsite & reusethisbag
Cancer is a major concern globally, and as you enter the long, hot days of summer extra precaution is needed to protect yourself from skin cancer, according to the 'Shining the Light on Skin Cancer' infographic.

The smart chart gives information that is not only meant to scare you into submission with sunscreen, but also gives you valuable information to combat any potential liabilities you are leaving uncared for. As the most common form of cancer in the United States, skin care is nothing to neglect.

Ultimately, what the study finds is that sun itself is not terrible, but too much of it can be dangerous to your health. In fact, high levels of Vitamin D are important in combatting health problems. The bottom line? Everything in moderation and use sunscreen because you can still soak up the Vitamin D through it.