'Seeing Is Believing' Uses Immersive Experiences to Simulate CRPS

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: facebook & eventbrite.au
'Seeing Is Believing' is an immersive project that combines experimental art and neuroscience research -- with the goal of generating more sympathy and understanding for sufferers of chronic pain.

More specifically, the Australian event considers the issues associated with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, otherwise known as CRPS. In order to create the experience, Seeing Is Believing offers a personal interaction between artists and participants, targeting many senses of the body to simulate the condition. With this, the event shows participants how pain can result from perceptions caused by the brain, rather than physical tissue damage alone.

In order to understand this, participants are put through three different stages, beginning with a 'Mediated Reality' experience that creates movement distortion. Next, VR goggles are fitted to them and the "altered sensory-cognitive responses of people living with chronic pain" is simulated. Lastly, the artist performs a grounding exercise and discusses the participant's response.