The Proposed Audi eSuitcase Folds Out to Become a Two-Wheeled Ride

 - Jul 30, 2016
References: yankodesign
Though still a concept, this motorized scooter suitcase could turn the treacheries of navigating an airport into a thrill-packed pleasure. The design, by Erkan Candar, is a standard sized piece of luggage with normal, motorless rolling suitcase wheels that allow it to fold out into a ride-able motorized scooter at the press of a button.

Designed to match the sleek, modern look of Audi's line of vehicles, Candar branded the scooter suitcase as the 'Audi eSuitcase.' To be sure, the device is still a concept and is not available at Audi dealerships just yet. Nonetheless, this joyous and luxurious piece of travel apparel is a promising concept that air-bound wanderers would be sure to take advantage of if it were an option.