Artist Kyuin Shim Creates Disturbing Digital Disfigurements

 - Sep 9, 2014
References: magshimfe24 & beautifuldecay
Kyuin Shim, an artist hailing from South Korea, has created a series of sci-fi sculptures that focus on a variety of disturbing disfigurements. Created digitally, the statues look like something straight out of a movie, like 'Prometheus' or even 'Pan's Labyrinth.' Although futuristic, there is something horrific about them as well. As Beautiful Decay aptly puts it, the sci-fi sculptures "come across as gross exaggerations of real emotional states."

Although the imagery portrayed through these sci-fi sculptures are gruesome, there is something meditative about them as well. The use of black and white coloring as well as geometric shapes coupled with human forms creates scenes that provoke thought and reflection. Granted, it might not be easy to interpret the sci-fi sculptures. Yet people will lose themselves in the process of trying to.