IBM's Ad for 'Runkeeper' Honors Blind Runner Simon Wheatcroft

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: runkeeper & adweek
This ad for the 'Runkeeper' app shares the incredible story of a blind man's running journey -- the commercial's subject used the app to reach and surpass his fitness goals. The app, which is connected to IBM’s cloud was used to remotely track and process data requests that aided Simon to learn his routes.

The commercial begins with Simon Wheatcroft in a field, running back and forth while a woman’s voice dictates how far he has gone. As the commercial unfolds, her voice continues while viewers see Simon remembering specific locations -- including the places where is fell, bumped into poles or lost his footing. The runner travels the same path each time, allowing him to remember patterns with the help of the app's voice.

The testimonial within the commercial is so powerful that it instantly captivates its audience. The ad makes an emotional connection, which resonates on a deep level with many viewers. This commercial ends with the statistical and meaningful phrase "IBM Cloud helps Runkeeper process 120,000 global data requests every second. Each with their own story" and further promotes this platform's impressive feature.