The ROY G BIV Color Synthesizer App Will Tell You How Pizza Sounds

 - Jul 17, 2014
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If you do not have Synesthesia but have always wondered what it might be like to have your senses cross over and hear the sounds of numbers, color and foods like pizza, the ROY G BIV Color Synthesizer app is one to sate your curiosity.

The app mimics the neurological phenomenon by using color data from a phone's camera and from there, it is turned into synths. With the app, it's possible to decode the sounds of selfies, inanimate objects and just about anything else you can think to take a picture of. They keyboard spans an entire octave ranging from C to shining C, presenting a range of different sound combinations.

The ROY G BIV app was just released for iOS and Android devices, available to download for $0.99.