Explore Cuisine Makes 'Risoni' with Chickpeas & Red Lentils

 - Mar 6, 2019
References: explorecuisine & prnewswire
Explore Cuisine is contributing to the growth of the alternative rice category with its Organic Risoni, also known as orzo, a single-ingredient rice-shaped pasta. In Italian, "riso" means "rice" and "oni" means "more than," and Explore Cuisine's new products certainly deliver more than regular rice by offering 12 to 13 grams of protein in just two ounces.

The brand's Chickpea Risoni and Red Lentil Risoni will appeal to consumers who are seeking out gluten-free alternatives to white rice and even brown rice as a better-for-you option. These vegan-friendly rice alternatives have the potential to be used in place of rice in a variety of cooking applications—Explore Cuisine suggests using its Organic Risoni for making everything from risottos to rice-based salads, which will absolutely make one's lunch and dinner meals more colorful.