This Political-Inspired Parody Uses Miley to Draw Attention to the News

 - Sep 4, 2013
References: complexmag
We Tumblforya has created a page and is used a political inspired-parody in order to show how the public needs to pay more attention to the news.

Even though it's been over a week since the MTV movie awards, there is still talk about Miley Cyrus' performance. There have been many different hilarious takes on her twerking, however, this one has a serious message behind it.

Initially, it seems humorous to have Miley twerking in front of major news headlines, but there is an underlying message to the photos. Many people focus so much energy on what they hated about the performance, but there is a lack of outrage towards actual world-altering issues.

This political inspired parody forces all of us to take a step back and determine if we have appropriate priorities. It is always fun to follow pop culture, but keeping up on important world events is also important.