Pizza Hut and Amazon's Partnership Allows Ordering Through Echo

 - Dec 15, 2016
References: eater
Pizza Hut and Amazon have partnered with one another to allow consumers to order pizza just by speaking. Far from ordering a pie over the phone, the only device that users need to order a Pizza Hut pizza is the same Amazon Echo that they already use to control so many other aspects of their home.

Thanks to the new partnership between Pizza Hut and Amazon, the Echo now has permission to order a pizza when its owner makes the request. While pizza delivery has been making strides to become more convenient, with apps that are increasingly easy to use, this voice-only system is surely the simplest system in existence to date.

The system works by using words that activate Echo's "skills." These words include the terms "ask," "open," or "tell." Once Echo responds, users can do things like re-ordering past options or ordering favorites.