Moon Hoon's 'Pino Familia' Museum is a Shrine to a Kids' Character

 - Nov 23, 2016
References: moonhoon & dezeen
Pino Familia is a museum in South Korea dedicated to an unlikely subject: the story of Pinocchio. Disney's 'Pinocchio' made the puppet-turned-boy story into a pop cultural cornerstone, but the story is actually far older than the film, and Pino Familia shows off baubles, knick knacks, and other ephemera related to the tale on both the interior and the exterior.

The most notable aspects of Pino Familia are its giant dolls spread around the grounds. The Pinocchio doll itself is massive, standing taller than the museum's own buildings. Those buildings are also subtle references to the Pinocchio story, with one that has a protruding pipe (looking like Pinocchio's mendacity-sensitive nose) and another that's shaped like a whale's tale (in reference to the puppet getting swallowed by a whale.)