The Philips Lumify Brings an Ultrasound Technician to Any Location

 - Mar 28, 2018
References: newswire & fastcompany
Inexpensive and portable ultrasound devices are becoming readily available, but Philips is trying to make the devices even more accessible with the release of its Philips Lumify. While the systems used in ultrasound procedures are getting more readily available, the same cannot be said for the systems used by trained experts who need to interpret these images. To solve this issue, Philips partnered with the React platform in conjunction with the images gathered from the Philips Lumify.

Lumify's integration with React will allow users to connect with trained professionals in real-time and will be offered by Philips on a subscription service. The entire system utilizes a smartphone or tablet app, connected to a Philip Lumify handheld scanner, to stream the ultrasound results to a professional. The new service is currently being marketed to paramedics, disaster relief workers or midwifes, but the system could easily be used by any individual.