Rumeli70 is a New Pharmacy Located in the Busy Heart of Istanbul

 - Oct 12, 2015
Designed by Istanbul-based graphic designer Ipek Eris, this example of pharmacy branding uses the bold color scheme of Grecian blue and stark white to communicate an old world apothecary aesthetic. The branding scheme was created by Eris for Rumeli70, a burgeoning new pharmacy brand located in the heart of busy Istanbul.

Surrounded by some of Istanbul's busiest streets, Rumeli70 features a gold embossed logo that can be seen on the assortment of marketing material included in the design identity by Ipek Eris.

In order to design the branding scheme, Ipek Eris worked with architecture firm ID Istanbul, who designed the retail space, to create the feel of a warm and welcoming local pharmacy guided by the traditions of ancient Turkish apothecaries.