'Perception' Interactive Billboard Engages & Excites New Yorkers

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: adweek
To promote its newest crime drama starring Eric McCormack, TNT has launched this really cool 'Perception' interactive billboard in New York City. In line with TNT's show Perception, which features a character (played by McCormack) who is a master at code-cracking and anagrams, the digital billboard features a slew of words that, when a person moves in front of it, appear to jumble around to reveal single words or strings of words.

Created by the NYC agency Breakfast, the Perception interactive billboard features 44,000 analog pixels that can flip from black to white, and vice versa, to "black out" words while revealing others. All of this happens when you move around in front of it, which also creates an interesting sound, according to AdWeek. Watch the video here to see how this cool digital display caught the attention of New York City pedestrians!