This Pedigree Ad Follows a Single Mom Who Suddenly Lost Her Sight

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
For Blindness Awareness Month, agency BBDO helped to make a Pedigree advertisement that highlights the struggle one might face when dealing with sight deterioration.

Titled "Dark to Light," the commercial follows Liz Oleksa, a single mother who goes into a panic when she suddenly loses her sight. She attempts to call for help but can't find the correct numbers on her phone, however eventually makes it to the hospital where she is told of her condition.

In order to allow the viewer to get a better understanding of what Liz Oleksa is going through, the Pedigree ad is filmed through her perspective. With the screen left dark, the viewer listens to her account -- helping them to relate to her feeling of helplessness. She finds salvation however when she becomes the owner of a service dog, who she tributes to giving her back her sense of freedom.