Elmhurst Milked's 'Milked Peanuts' is an Innovative Nut Beverage Product

 - Jan 11, 2018
References: elmhurst1925 & livekindly.co
Elmhurst Milked is now unveiling the first-ever vegan peanut milk with 'Milked Peanuts.' This alternative milk product is packed with tons of protein-rich peanuts per serving, without the gums, stabilizers, thickeners and emulsifiers that are found in many store-bought nut milk products. The five-ingredient product is made with just filtered water, peanuts, cane sugar, natural flavors and salt. Milked Peanuts is also available in a Milked Peanuts with Chocolate option.

Soy milk used to be one of the few non-dairy milk products available to consumers, but now those who enjoy plant-based alternatives are spoiled for choice with flavorful milk alternatives made with coconut, quinoa, hemp, tigernut and rice, as well as a variety of nuts.

Elmhurst Dairy opened in 1925 and operated as a leading dairy company, but it has transformed since the consumption of dairy milk has been on the decline, now offering a vibrant and innovative range of entirely plant-based milk products as Elmhurst Milked.