Chef Tym Bussanich Stuffs the Mexican Fare with Pasta Noodles and Sauce

 - Apr 6, 2016
References: facebook & foodbeast
Offering a hybrid take on both Italian and Mexican fare is this burrito dish by chef Tym Bussanich that creatively fills the wrap with spaghetti pasta noodles, sauce and cheese rather than rice, beans and veggies. The dish is then deep fried to seal everything in and add crunch. The combination of the two meals offers a unique way to enjoy both culinary cuisines in unconventional textures and formats.

The dish is dubbed the Deep Fried Spaghetti Burrito and it offers an unlikely way to enjoy the noodle dish that doesn't require utensils. The meal is made using a tortilla that is filled with premixed noodles and tomato sauce and then topped with cheese. The wrapped is rolled and then deep fried to create a harden crust.

The unconventional presentation of spaghetti offers a more fast casual way to consume it while on-the-go.