OMY's Fun Paper Face Masks Boast Unique Forms to Be Colored

 - May 12, 2017
References: us.omy-maison
As easy enough as it is to make your own paper face masks, one of the reasons that people are drawn to purchase OMY's collection of Coloring Masks is because of the zany shapes they are offered in.

OMY's Coloring Masks come in collections like the FANTASTIC-MASK, PARIS-MASK and the NEW YORK CITY-MASK, which features eight unusual masks that are shaped like everything from croissant breakfasts and high-heeled shoes to shopping bags. The unique color-in masks have the ability to enhance playtime with components for both arts and crafts activities and dress-up, although the brand specifically calls them out as ideal for parties and birthdays.

OMY makes a range of unique coloring products, including everything from oversized color-in poster pages to puzzle kits and wall stickers that can be accented with color.