Blood Oath's Pact No.4 Brings Three Bourbons Together For Unique Flavor

 - Apr 13, 2018
References: bloodoathbourbon & drinkhacker
Blended bourbon rarely receives the credit it deserves, but the latest entry in Luxco’s Blood Oath bourbon series, the Pact No.4, changes perception with amazing flavor. Crafted from three "well-bred Kentucky straight bourbons" this blend features a unique and complex flavor profile. The delicious bourbon extends past the drink itself as the bottle comes in a commemorative stained wooden box that is meant to be reminiscent of the toasted barrels used in the aging process. The cork used in the bottle is both custom and eco-friendly and will come with a certificate-style paper stock.

Pact No.4 presents itself like most bourbons in color, but the experience is quite unique and separates this bourbon from the pact. The nose offers up earth-tones that are reminiscent of tobacco leaves, licorice and mushrooms. Once on the palate, Pact No.4 offers up an instant punch of spice and eventually leads to notes of raspberry, vanilla, chocolate and sour cherry. The finish picks up on the wood tones of the bourbon and also infuses elements of clove and a hint of green pepper.