The Oreo Mini Mini Mart Tells the Story of a Teeny Tiny Cookie Shop

As part of its Mini Delivery campaign, the Oreo Mini Mini Mart commercial tells the tale of a tiny cookie shop that went unnoticed for a long while, narrated like a child's storybook.

Mel's Mini Mini Mart is a small shop that is set up in a small town, and it only sells Oreo Minis. The whimsical commercial describes that once it was discovered, people couldn't get enough. Although Oreo claims that its cookies are the world's favorite biscuits, it's hard for the micro-sized versions of these cookies to compare to the full-sized versions, even if they are the perfect size for snacking.

Building off the small town feel of the commercial, as part of the campaign, Oreo is sending packages to each and every household in the 50 smallest US towns batches of Oreo Minis, to show that they don't go unnoticed.