Fred Segal, Mastercard & Refinery29 Reinvented Online Holiday Shopping

To simplify the task of online holiday shopping and introduce consumers to an innovative virtual experience, Mastercard, Next Retail Concepts, Microsoft and Fred Segal teamed up to create a next-gen concept for Refinery29's 29Rooms in Los Angeles. While the experiential event is launching in LA, shoppers are able to virtually explore the physical Fred Segal as if they were there in person. As the experience exists online, the limits of brick-and-mortar shopping are pushed, as users are able to browse the curated items in the store by search terms and categories.

Naturally, shoppers are able to securely and seamlessly pay for the desired items, which are exclusively available online. As an added incentive, those who pay with their Mastercard can sign up for a one-time loyalty reward by spending $200 or more on the collection.