Automato's 'Objective Realities' Uses VR to Portray Connected Devices

 - Feb 23, 2018
References: & digitaltrends
As more and more of the devices in our homes gain connectivity, it only takes a slight hop in logic to imagine those objects gaining complete sentience as well, and 'Objective Realities', a new art installation from Shanghai-based collective Automato, tries to portray that sci-fi concept. The project uses virtual reality to give people the experience of existence as a connected device like a fan, an outlet, or a smart vacuum.

Objective Reality's VR headsets are the most noticeable aspect of the installation from the outset. Rather than the recognizable, exaggerated goggle shape that is most common, the project's helmets are shaped like massive versions of the gadgets in question. Wearing each of those helmets takes viewers on a VR journey through the life of those objects.

Image Credit: Automato