Elevate Me's Single-Serve Oatmeal Packs are Healthy and Wheat-Free

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: instagram & prosnack
Elevate Me's range of single-serve oatmeal snacks is both healthy and wheat-free. In addition to being a nutritious breakfast option for those on the go, this product is also ideal for those suffering from gluten allergies.

Each of Elevate Me's single-serve oatmeal snacks is easy to prepare, requiring only water and a microwave. Available in flavors like 'Tropical Fruit Chia,' 'Very Berry Chia' and 'Maple Brown Sugar Chia,' these snacks are a great source of energy and are a perfect way to start off one's day.

Moreover, the guilt-free snacks will help athletes get ready for a tough workout or to recharge after they've completed a grueling set of exercises. Replacing traditional energy bar or supplement options, these convenient oatmeal packs make snacking healthy and guilt-free.