The Compact Nreal Light Glasses are Easy to Wear and Use

 - Jun 2, 2019
References: & digitaltrends
Unlike many smart glasses and virtual reality headsets that are bulky, the Nreal Light sets itself apart as an ultra-compact pair of mixed-reality glasses that offer both virtual and augmented reality experiences. Notably, the design of Nreal Light is comparable to a pair of sunglasses, especially as the style boasts foldable temples—a feature that's easy to take for granted, yet it has never been seen before in mixed-reality glasses.

While smart glasses are meant to be worn all the time, these mixed-reality glasses are only meant to be worn for certain tech experiences. To keep its design lightweight and sleek, the glasses are connected to a puck-like product that houses its components and battery. The Nreal Light glasses are also paired with a remote for interacting with mixed-reality interfaces.