- Jul 1, 2019
The June 2019 gadgets round-up showcases the small and big tech-infused products that are set out to change consumer's lifestyle habits for the better. Focused on convenience and multi-tasking, a lot of these are centered around productivity.

Products like the 'BrightLoc' -- a bike lock that doubles as a light, are sure to bring versatility, security, and practicality to the commuter. Other items like the 'AMBASSADOR' allow individuals to better communicate when they don't share a common language. The process is kept discreet and streamlined as the cutting-edge technology allows it.

The June 2019 gadgets list also spotlights some creativity-focused products. The Hot Dox Complete Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Kit, for example, is ideal for developers and keen computer enthusiasts as it allows users to customize their keyboard to better match preferences.

From Tablet Port Expansion Hubs to Triple-Screen Smart Glasses: