The SoundAsleep Smart Pillow Plays Music and Monitors Rest

 - May 17, 2019
References: firebox & thegreenhead
The SoundAsleep Smart Pillow is a revolutionary piece of technology for the bedroom that aims to keep users connected at all times, even when laying down for the night. Outfitted with built-in speakers, the pillow can be used for playing your choice of music, podcasts or even therapeutic sounds to lull you into a deep sleep as quickly as possible. This enables users to eliminate their need for headphones for a more comfortable sleeping experience that is free of cables and cords.

The SoundAsleep Smart Pillow also connects wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth to a user's smartphone to relay data pertaining to how the person is sleeping. This includes snoring patterns, sleep hours and more, while an alarm functionality will help to gently wake users up without the need for loud buzzers.