The Nøjkærhus Culture House is on the Isolated Jutland Peninsula of Denmark

 - Dec 29, 2016
References: & dezeen
Lumo Arkitektur, a Danish studio, recently built a series of four gabled volumes for the Nøjkærhus Culture House on Denmark's Jutland peninsula, outside of the city of Silkeborg. The isolated rural area has few of the amenities of a modern city, and the Nøjkærhus Culture House's design reflects the things that such a living situation necessitates.

Two of the four volumes in the Nøjkærhus Culture House are standard, house-shaped buildings. The other two have the same basic structure, but their walls are made from two thick sections of glass with space in the middle. Rangers and hikers in the area fill these walls with logs for firewood -- the fuel that keeps the isolated area energized and warm during the colder months of the year. When full, the two volumes' walls look as though they're made entirely of logs.