The Naked Oprah Dress is a Controversial Creation

 - Dec 10, 2013
References: colorlines
Print dresses are nothing new, but print dresses with a nude celebrity on them, like Peggy Noland’s naked Oprah dress, are. The dress comes in four different variations and has the world's most famous talk show host's head Photoshopped onto different bodies in a range of body types, as a nod to the talk show host’s weight battle. One of the dresses also has Oprah wearing Kiss-style face paint for a bizarre twist on an already-controversial theme.

Noland claim to have gotten inspiration from an infamous portrait from the 80s of the former mayor of Chicago posing naked, except for a pair of women’s lingerie. Whatever her inspiration for the piece, this naked Oprah Dress will cause quite stir, a lot of outrage, and even more curiosity.