The Mission Chinese Burrito is a Mexican Dish with an Asian Flavor

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: ny.eater & grubstreet
The Mission Chinese burrito is a never-before-seen fusion of a Mexican dish with the flavors of Chinese food.

The innovative meal is being served at Mission Cantina, Danny Bowien's experimental New York restaurant. In fact, the whole of Mission Cantina has been converted into a traditional burrito stand, complete with self-serve salsa bar, and will focus exclusively on the Mission Chinese burrito.

The first iterations of the Mission Chinese burrito are a mapo tofu and salt cod fried rice option, as well as a burrito stuffed with cumin lamb, but the options will change frequently.

The model of Danny Bowien's Mission Cantina restaurant brilliantly caters to the culture of food-based hype and experiential dining. By changing the menu frequently and focusing on one must-try item at a time, Bowien ensures a steady stream of diners are eager to taste the latest and greatest item served.