AmuseMints' Breath Mint Tins are Decorated with Playful Emoji Icons

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: packagingdigest
Some of the newest packaging types for AmuseMints' breath mint tins include a fun series of tins that are branded with well-known emoji characters.

Flavors like Wintergreen Cool and Peppermint Smile are matched with a series of emojis that could be used to describe the breath-freshening products. For instance, the Cinnamon mint tin includes a pattern that uses the fire icon, which suggests the spicy kick that comes with the fiery cinnamon flavor.

The evolution of digital language has transformed emojis into a virtually universal method of expression across many languages. As such, beyond the keyboards of smartphones, the recognizable icons are now becoming integrated into everything from products and packaging to billboards and campaigns that will easily catch the eyes of young consumers in any part of the world.