Positive Energy’s Memorable Visual Branding is Vibrant

 - May 30, 2014
References: fuzzco & designworklife
I think I can confidently say that most energy companies are not known for their memorable visual branding identities however hard they try -- the harder they try to be ‘hip’ or ‘in,’ the worse it gets.

Positive Energy is not one of these. They not only have a memorable visual branding identity, but one that is so genuine to what they’re all about, that it almost seems too good a match. 

Reaching out to creative agency Fuzzco for help, the duo worked together on the brand creation, icons, illustrations, logo, print material, responsive web design and website -- and the results really do give off positive energy!

The green energy company is trying to guide everyone towards sustainable energy solutions, so the eco-friendly, friendly and energetic yellow branding identity works perfectly.