Mario Pena Captues the Essence of Peer Pressure in This Shoot

This fierce fashion story by photographer Mario Pena is as hip as it gets. Thoughtfully titled "Lamb Has Lost Control," the shoot follows two girls, one dominant and one submissive, portraying the typical alpha-female/sidekick relationship. The duo sheds light on common themes of adolescence like peer pressure and the desire to fit in at any cost. Pena says of the story, "The girl is influence[d] more by the bad attitude of the other woman than vices. She wants to learn how to be like her."

Starring veteran Brittany Moser and up-and-comer Sidney Allison, the telling shoot features gorgeous styles chosen by Chelsea Schuchman that are edgy, forward and fit perfectly with the context of the story.

Implications - Over time, fashion photography is pushing more boundaries, including a wider range of edgier styles that defy the conventional picture of beauty. These changes reflect a shift in societal norms towards acceptance, tolerance and self expression.