'Making Podcast Physical' Imagines Podcasts in Different Vessels

 - Jun 28, 2017
References: dezeen
Aural entertainment media have always been far more ephemeral than their visual counterparts, and 'Making Podcast Physical' is a design project that recognizes how podcasts are the most immaterial of all. Theoretically, music is just as transient, but music has a history of tactility in the (newly resurgent) form of vinyl records, whereas podcast have always been a purely digital form of entertainment. Making Podcast Physical conjectures as to what podcasts might look like if they had tangible avatars.

Making Podcast Physical takes a number of popular podcasts, such as 'Serial' and 'It's Your Universe', and puts them into common containers. For example, serial is reimagined as an elegantly bound book, while It's Your Universe is placed into small paint cans. Each of the podcasts is indeed found inside its casing, though the project isn't planning on releasing those tactile products to the public.