Lustful Gain in UCE Magazine Features an Avant-Garde Aesthetic

 - Jun 16, 2011
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Lustful Gain in UCE Magazine is an unusually frenetic editorial that focuses on lust and all its manifestations in everyday people. Nine different creatives were tasked with interpreting how individuals fall prey to lust: Eva K. Salvi, Sinsong Xi, Leonardo Vecchiarelli, Anna Bonnet, Todd A. Tyler, Igor Oussenko, Fenia Labropoulou, Cristian Di Stefano and Max Souffriau.

These creatives' interpretations of lust for Lustful Gain in UCE Magazine are just as varied as you might expect. In the cover image photographed by Nancy Schoenmakers, a model wears multiple jewel-encrusted rings on each one of her fingers; she's even sporting a bejeweled eyebrow cover. Two other images boast a luxurious concept yacht and a concept BMW roadster. Still another shot features three multiplied models.