From Fiercely Spiked Seats to Prickly Furniture Pieces

 - Jul 12, 2013
If you aren't afraid to add some visually striking and compelling pieces of decor to your home, then these deadly furniture designs will certainly have your guests bewildered at its dangerous form.

While most people opt for comfort and practicality when adding pieces of furniture to their homes, these deadly designs are more for those who are willing to take risks with their interior decor. These dangerous-looking pieces of furniture feature all sorts of design aesthetics that you normally wouldn't find in someone's home. From seats covered in spikes all along the bottom and backside to lighting solutions that feature jagged structures sticking out in all directions, these deadly furniture pieces will certainly add a hardcore and frightening appeal to any room.

These dangerously designed furniture pieces will certainly attract anyone with an interest in strange and unusual items.