These Lukasz Belcarski Doodles Are Bizarre

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: cumformers & beautifuldecay
Polish artist Lukasz Belcarski knows how to conjure the macabre in these admittedly twisted drawings. In terms of style, the pictures can be described as figurative and drawn in a retro 1960s style.

All of them are bizarre and many of them border on depraved. In fact, if Lukasz Belcarski was to release these illustrations in the 1960s -- in either the Soviet Block or the West -- he would probably be obscured by censorship. Thankfully, it is 2012 and people are less uptight.

In most of the illustrations Lukasz Belcarski applies a black and white color scheme. A few of the pictures however, make use of a slightly wider range of colors. Blue and pink look great in scenes bizarre enough to make William S. Burroughs blush.