These Ads Entice Organ Donors with the Phrase 'Let Your Organs Party On'

 - Oct 27, 2015
Designer and illustrator Vladimir Stankovic created these body organ art series titled 'Let Your Organs Party On.' This artwork is made up of three images, which aim to promote an organ donation campaign by McCann Erickson.

Each image focuses on a different organ that can be donated after a person is deceased. The particular organs that are illustrated include the liver, the heart and the eyes. Using the title of the project 'Let Your Organs Party On,' the ads feature these organs doing just that -- partying.

For example, the image featuring the liver shows the cartoon organ lounging on a beach chair with the ocean behind it. The liver is holding a tropical cocktail, wearing sunglasses and appears to be genuinely enjoying itself. The idea for these ads is to encourage organ donation because, although one person's life is over, the act can still help someone else who is in need of a functioning organ.