Jim Jablon Creates the Intimidating 'Gatorbike'

 - Feb 17, 2010
References: dailytelegraph.au & treehugger
Made with the skin and skull of a real alligator, the ‘GatorBike’ was created by Jim Jablon and might be the second scariest thing on the road besides seeing those flashing lights when cruising well over the limit.

Jim Jablon inherited the alligator leftovers after it had been killed by state officials. Instead of letting a perfectly good gator corpse go to waste, Jim (the owner of a wildlife rehab in Florida) built the ‘GatorBike’ to raffle off in order to raise money for his animal center.

The Jim Jablon creation is no doubt an amazing motorcycle, but I think it’s best that we leave this chomping chopper to the Floridians. Check out other gator finds on Trend Hunter below.