- Apr 18, 2013
The Campana Brothers designs are known for creating controversy and critical acclaim. You either love or loathe their projects, as they are typically very bold and eccentrically outfitted. Either way, the creations get people to talk about the work, and that is what is most important in the end.

The Brazilian brothers have taken part in a variety of different projects that include everything from furniture to clothing. They are wildly known for covering furniture in Chewbacca-like hair, which can be somewhat of a shock for those who are not well versed in Star Wars references. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the designers have also collaborated with Lacoste to create a stylish golf shirt.

The Campana Brothers designs are sure to stick in you memory because of their strikingly eclectic and offbeat creations.

From Polo Shirt Crossovers to Very Hairy Cabinets: