Dick Moby's Tenue de Nîmes Eyewear Features Lenses Suited to the Weather

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: tenuedenimes & acquiremag
Dick Moby recently teamed up with retailer Tenue de Nîmes to create a pair of upcycled jean sunglasses with several lens options suited to the varying weather conditions. In other words, the sunglasses are equipped with specially designed eyepiece that is specific to the brightness outside, ranging from clear and sunny to more overcast and cloudy days.

The stylish lenses feature a rounded shape that merges retro fashion with a modern aesthetic through the blend of a jean fabric that encases the frame. The glasses are fashioned out of repurpose plastic that is then coated in the denim by hand in a studio out of Italy. The jean is complemented with a blue-toned lens that is available in two light absorbing settings, either for sunny or overcast days.