These Bizarre Japanese Dog Toys Are Wrapped in Different Types of Bread

These breaded Japanese dog toys are combine two unexpected things: different breeds of dogs and various types of bread.

The latest Japanese gachapon craze of "Inupan" (meaning "doggy bread") keychain toys put adorable Pugs inside hamburgers, Shiba Inus in between sandwich buns and lengthy Corgis inside twisty pastry rolls.

The series is completely bizarre but somehow still endearing. If you’re in Japan, you can try your luck at getting one of each kind of dog by feeding $2 at a time into one of Japan’s gachapon machines. If you’re feeling less lucky and think you’ll end up with multiples of the one dog toy you didn’t want, purchase the entire set of seven online for $20. Either way, you’re bound to get at least one of the adorable breaded dogs.