The IRIS eTrike Provides Comfort and Reduces Carbon Emissions

 - Feb 24, 2017
References: grantsinclair & digitaltrends
The IRIS eTrike is a small-scale vehicle that is like a midpoint between using a vehicle and a vehicle to get around in an environmentally friendly way.

The eco IRIS eTrike is a creation from inventor Grant Sinclair, who was inspired by the form of aerodynamic velodrome bicycle racing helmets. Because the design of the vehicle is so compact, it boasts several features such as LED lights and turn signals to boost visibility. One of the most impressive features of the compact vehicle is that it boasts a lockable rear compartment with 50 liters of storage space, which makes it ideal as a commuter or daily vehicle for transporting groceries and other consumer goods.

This inventive vehicle design will be delivered towards the end of the year to those who place a pre-order deposit on it now towards a total cost of $3,762.