This In-Store Machine Trades Discounts for Used Batteries

 - May 11, 2017
References: treehugger
There are a number of designated drop-off depots where used batteries may be recycled, but they are often few and far between—as such, Refind Technologies developed a handy in-store machine that is much easier to access.

Although many batteries unfortunately end up in the garbage, Refind Technologies introduced a new kind of battery recycling machines that works in a similar way to a recycled bottle collector. What makes the machine particularly noteworthy is that it offers store discounts based on the number of batteries that are returned.

One of the largest supermarket chains in Norway, Coop Norway, is now using the "reverse vending machine" to reward consumers for safely disposing of used batteries. As it stands, the system offers 1 krone (equivalent to about 12 cents) for every battery.