Ignacio Lehmann Captures Romantic Moments While He Travels

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: 100worldkisses & mymodernmet
Math might be a universal language, but to some such as Ignacio Lehmann there's something even more universal out there: romantic gestures. Ignacio Lehmann focuses specifically on kissing, the act of which he captures around the world while he travels. While the people might change, the act itself remains ever so much the same.

Part of his 100 World Kisses project, Ignacio Lehmann has so far covered 12 countries and over 20 cities. My Modern Met writes how "Lehmann’s ambitious series features equal-opportunity kissing: his photographs showcase all ages, body types, genders, backgrounds, and sexual preferences, proving that love has no bounds." It's a beautiful thing to see so much love and affection. More than that, it fills people with the hope that there's more good than evil in the world.