The Carl's Jr. Ice Cream Brrger is Deceptive

 - May 22, 2012
References: huffingtonpost & thatsnerdalicious
The Carl's Jr. 'Ice Cream Brrrger', currently being tested in Orange County, is an odd take on grilled meats.

Fortunately featuring no actual meat, the disguised ice cream is made of chocolate ice cream, cookie 'buns' and icing. Incredibly convincing as an actual burger, the frozen treat is likely as delicious as the real deal, with the bonus of cooling you down as well. Though on limited release now, ice cream and burger enthusiasts alike can't help but hope this will be more widely available. Though perhaps off-putting to some, the 'brrrger' is appealing on the basis of novelty alone.

Somewhat of a fast food mash-up made in heaven, the ice cream creation is a dream for many. The Carl's Jr. meatless wonder, whether released to all states or not, is making headlines for the remarkable creativity of the product.

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