From Multiple Helping Burgers to Shareable Skewer Appetizers

 - Dec 12, 2014
These multi-course family meals range from convenient gourmet deliveries to shareable fast food recipes that foodies of all ages will love.

Whether attempting to recreate an Indian dining experience or a multi-ingredient pizza recipe, this list features an abundance of easy and inexpensive meal ideas. Its most memorable examples include healthy and indulgent choices along with diet-specific recipes that target vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free eaters.

This list of family meal ideas also includes seasonal veggie pies that are a healthier take on a classic Italian food favorite along with hearty breakfast lasagnas that can be shared by a large group. These recipes can be enjoyed at different times of the day and are easy to blend with a wide variety of side dishes.

In addition to these full meal recipes, the list also include snack and appetizer recipes like mini taco cupcakes and bacon-wrapped pizza bites that are perfect for casual weekend gatherings or festive family events.

On the food subscription and delivery front, emerging companies are making multi-course dining more convenient by delivering pre-made meals or their pre-packaged ingredients to consumers.