The Daily Grill's Picnic Menu Helps You Enjoy a Multi-Course Meal on the Go

Enjoying a picnic is always a treat, but preparing one requires a lot of time—unless you go the route of ordering off of the picnic menu from the Daily Grill.

As for what you'll find in one of the picnic kits for two, there's Daily Grill's sourdough bread, homemade garlic potato chips, soup, salad and dessert. As for the main course, the Daily Grill offers a choice of wraps, salmon or chicken. In addition to a wide variety of food, the picnic kit also comes with a plastic tablecloth, utensils, napkins inside of an insulated Daily Grill tote bag. Although the portable multi-course meals are packed in a way that's ideal for outdoor dining, they're also perfect for enjoying indoors as well.