Manitoba Harvest Offers Sweet and Savory 'Hemp Heart Toppers'

 - Oct 6, 2016
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On their own, hemp hearts add a rich nutty flavor, texture and protein to a variety of dishes. Now, Manitoba Harvest is making it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy flavorful meals that get their good taste from healthy natural ingredients.

As well as being enriched with a variety of nutrients, lunches and dinners can now quickly and easily be brought to life with seasoned hemp heart mixes in flavors like ‘Chipotle, Onion & Garlic,’ ‘Onion, Garlic & Rosemary,’ as well as sweeter varieties like ‘Maple & Cinnamon’ and ‘Coconut & Cocoa.’

While there’s an infinite number of seasonings and spice mixes that can be created, these products tend to exist in categories that don’t see this kind of innovation when it comes to flavor. By pairing a variety of seasonings and spices with a superfood like hemp hearts as a base, Manitoba Harvest ’s Hemp Heart Toppers offer the perfect convergence of health, flavor and convenience.