This Heart Monitor Keeps Track of Your Ticker Without Sticky Electrodes

 - Jul 30, 2013
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Sticky electrodes that act as a heart monitor are never any fun to have to wear, and they limit one's ability to do any physical activity. What's needed is an easier way to monitor one's heart, while not limiting their ability to move around. Japanese company NTT may have come up with the solution to this issue.

It has created an undershirt that has electrodes in it, which will monitor your heart. After numerous experiments, NTT was able to come up with an electrode that does not require a paste in order to detect heart beats. Although this is still in the concept phase, it is hopeful that this will be a revolutionary way to monitor one's heart.

People who have long-term heart problems may be able to use this undershirt to change their lives and free them from cords. This heart monitor in an undergarment may be the new way to keep track of your ticker.